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Helping YOU train for life

Does an injury have you stuck in the cycle of rest, returning to activity, and re-injury?

You're not alone. 

"I lived with hip pain for just over 3 years until I started seeing Levi at Kinetic Performance. I tried everything. Prior to my PT, I had steroid and Cortisone injects, x-rays, MRI’s, you name it. After just a few visits with Levi my hip pain rapidly decreased. He was able to do what other doctors and providers couldn’t. I have zero pain now and I continue doing the exercises I have learn to keep it that way. I truly can’t thank him enough for giving me my strength and mobility back!"

-Cori O. 

You Can get back to training the way you want

  • Even if you've been told to STOP lifting, running, or training by another healthcare provider

  • Even if you're busy and can't go to PT 2 or 3 times a week

  • Even without unnecessary procedures, pills, or injections

We've got you covered. 









Get you out of pain



Address the root cause



Equip you to stay kinetic


meet Dr. Levi 


I'm glad you're here!


My mission is simple. I want to help you get back to doing the things you love. I’m here to help equip you to keep moving and training for life.


If you're tired of cookie cutter PT or healthcare providers that just tell you to "stop doing XYZ," I promise you won't find that here. 


I can't wait to meet you, discuss your goals, and put in the work together.


 Let’s put your injury in the rear view for good. 


See you soon, friend. 

Dr. Levi Kerby
Physical Therapist, Owner


Weight Lifting

Demetri P. 

Levi is the best PT I have ever been to. Besides being extremely knowledgable, he really understands the body from an exercise/performance mindset. I had bicep tendonitis and through dry needling, body work and easy to do exercises to do at home I was pain free in a minimal amount time. Highly recommended.

Nina M. 

Levi is a phenomenal physical therapist that knows how to explain pain and rehab in a way that supports and empowers you. Coming in with an injury can sometimes feel overwhelming and confusing, but Levi's targeted therapies and (evidence based) reccomended rehab exercises have (in the both times I've visited) left feeling SO MUCH better and on the highway to healing. Highly recommend for anyone with a body :)

Emily J. 

I had low back/hip pain on my right side for about two years, had a bad hip shift to the right side that I just couldn’t fix. My left side was a lot weaker and less stable, all from an ankle issue we also worked on here. About 6 visits over a couple months with Levi and I am squatting with no back/hip pain anymore. I know how to prevent it and keep it gone now. I highly recommend seeing him for any injury or pain. Visits can include dry needling and working on mobilizing needed areas, along with movements and exercises building a recovery plan. It’s all in one, which was so nice! You are the only patient for the whole hour session. From someone who has tried normal PT and found it not worth it, this is totally worth it.



Physical Therapy 

Continuity care and dry needling

locaL workshops

We believe in transparent healthcare

You’ll know up front where you’re going, what it costs and how long it’ll take.

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