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Our services

Physical Therapy

We offer performance based physical therapy for active individuals. Using specific exercises, neuromuscular retraining, and various forms of manual therapy (dry needling, IASTM, etc...)  we can get you out of pain fast and back to training.  We give you the tools and education to not only get back to your activities of choice, but to return stronger and better than before. 

Continuity care and dry needling

For those who train consistently, proactive care is more important than ever. You don't have to be injured to see a physical therapist. The goal with continuity care visits or dry needle visits are to keep you functioning at a high level year long. These are typically monthly visits, but can be used in a variety of ways to meet your training goals!


Local Workshops


If you are a local gym or business owner and are interested in hosting a workshop at your facility, contact us. We love getting into the community and teaching about mobility, stability, strength asymmetries, injury prevention, etc. Let's help Winston Salem be healthier, together. 

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